Old Favorites Now Available : Chow Chow & Hot Smoky Ketchup.

About Us


At Vegetable Kingdom we like to celebrate great food from different regions of our country and the world!  We discover delicious meals, and almost like magic, capture and preserve their unique flavors in our jars.   

We know you are busy teaching our children, putting out forest fires, studying to be doctors, growing our crops, building our houses and tending your family. Our job is cooking so that when you get home, you can open one of our jars and have a meal ready in minutes. 

We Cook A Lot Of Food


Food is one of the best ways to learn about a place, it's history and it's people, but obviously it is here to eat and enjoy and to share with family and friends. Ann Gassenheimer & Pat Gallagher have been exploring and cooking delicious and interesting food for most of their lives.  Beginning with deep south classics and regional specialties, then expanding into many world cusines, the pair have learned the power of the herb and spice, bitter and sweet and the complexities the world of flavors has to offer.

A Winner Of A Dinner

Vegetable Kingdom's
Gumbo, Brunswick Stew, Massaman Curry, Creole Sauce

Ready for easy dinners and crock pot recipes? We've got them, including lots of chicken recipes! Each jar is full of freshly cooked vegetables and its own unique flavor. If you have an idea of the meat or plant protein you're in the mood for, you're halfway home! Pour the contents of the jar into a pan, add your meat*, then heat and eat. Yes you can make it in the crock pot while you walk the dog! Serve over rice, noodles, grits, polenta, or any grain. 

*Animal protein must be thoroughly cooked before adding.

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